My Week in Tweets

Jo over at Slummy Single Mummy has had a fab idea, My Week in Tweets. For those not familiar with the joys of Twitter (definition: way to lose hours of your life finding out all sorts about all kinds), each message has a limit of 140 characters, so (in theory) what you write will be pithy and to the point. It also uses #hash tags to flag up themes or the most interesting parts of your message, often to be amusing (we hope!)

So here goes, my week in tweets...

Monday - It is a truth universally acknowledged that a toddler & a baby will never sleep at the same time thus enabling Mummy to blog/tweet/daydream.

Tuesday - Lara asked today for another baby in Mummy's tummy #panic #babymaking(think it's mostly because she really liked the midwife #hopeso)

Wednesday - The rule of Tree Fu Tom continues apace in our house, just caught a cat sat at the desk watching it on iPlayer while Lara went off to play!

Thursday - Lara told me she loved for the first time today #happymummy. I cried. #predictable

Friday - Oh hell been told that our boiler is going to cost £400 to fix, have got £0. Can't cope any longer with no hot water, been 2 months already!

Saturday - Set to work crossing things off our Spring Bucket List. Loving the #sunshine #springhassprung

Sunday - Lara very excited because Nanny arrived to visit. Mummy very excited by extra childcare. Blog here I come... #freetime #happymummy

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