Spring Bucket List 2012

Now that Spring has officially sprung, we've decided to follow the American idea of making a seasonal bucket list. For those unfamiliar with the concept, this is a list of things you wish to accomplish over the next three months, as the days get longer and the weather (hopefully!) gets warmer.

Here's our list:

- Go to the permanent funfair at Harbour Park, Littlehampton for Lara to go on all the rides which she was way too young and too small for last year;  Turns out Lara's still too little to go on most of the rides anyway!

- Have lunch outside the pub in town on the first day it's warm and sunny enough to do so. Ploughmans with ice cold lager anyone?

- Start a memory jar, it's never too late!  Done, but not added to often enough :(

- Play mini golf, and hope the small person doesn't beat us!

- Go to the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust at Arundel and buy copious amounts of bird seed to wander round with;

- Finally sew together the bag of crochet squares I bought in a charity shop last year to make a blanket;

- Visit one of the big art galleries in London, taking along a sheaf of paper and a carton of crayons for our own little budding artist;

- Visit Hamleys for the first time with our bubs and try not to spend a fortune;

- Put all the random bits and bobs we've amassed into scrapbooks;

- Have a proper picnic in the countryside with our beautiful wedding gift picnic basket;

- Get my Twitter, Facebook, blog and Pinterest stuff up and running properly;  Going fairly well :)

- Visit a farm to see, and hopefully feed, all the little lambs and piglets;

- Go to Legoland Windsor, possibly staying in the new hotel too;

- Start a weekly meal plan with a different cookery book each week;  Doesn't happen every week, but often enough for me to feel OK crossing it off!

- Visit a model village, maybe Bekonscot near Nanny's house, or the one at Southsea;

- Plant some tomatoes and peppers in pots on the balcony;

- Go to Bosham to feed the ducks and have a lovely afternoon tea in the tea shop, mmm....

- Find some lovely bluebells to gaze at - this is last year's best pic:

- And finally, visit Peppa Pig World at Paulton's Park!

Lara wanted to add a visit to Disneyland Paris to the list, but am not sure how financially achievable that is at the moment, and I think this bucket list thing has to be things we can actually tick off, maybe we'll add it to the summer list!

I think those are all achievable, and perhaps bloggable. Looking forward to lots of family fun in the sunshine now.

What's on your bucket list for spring?

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  1. I think I shall make one too. Nice read x

    1. Excellent! Make sure you nudge me when posted, Lx

  2. What a fantastic list! Thanks so much for sharing it with our spring carnival. :)


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