Big Brother is Watching

The dreaded health visitor came today for Sophia's three month check.  This is one of the new Big Brother interferences which wasn't around when we had Lara.  So now they not only come to see you before the baby's born, then after the midwife has signed you off a week or two after the birth, but they invade your home again at three months.

Don't get me wrong, I know dreadful things happen to babies and children every day (can't think about that as don't want to type through tears), and they need to check new babies are being treated well and looked after, but I'm afraid we see their involvement solely as interference.

However, to show we're OK and we have nothing to hide, despite our more alternative apparoach to their healthcare system, we play along.  We tidy the house, prepare Lara for a stranger coming, steal ourselves to have yet more sleep training/vaccinating/'good baby' conversations, and she arrives.

I must say this one isn't too bad, but previous bad experiences still mean that any contact with NHS officialdom plays on our minds.  She asks about Sophia's development - her smiling, babbling, attempting to sit herself up, grasping toys, and playing with her hands is plain to see, yet she still asks.  She asks if breastfeeding is still going OK as I sit with Lara attached to my left boob and Sophia about to latch onto my right.

She asks about sleeping through the night, and I resist the urge to ask if she knows many adults who sleep through and wouldn't get up if they were hungry or thirsty.  She asks if we know about weaning, and says that 'ideally' we should wait until six months.  We practiced Baby Led Weaning with Lara not so long ago and have no intention of offering Sophia solids before six months.

She weighs Sophia, who has lost weight in terms of centiles, but grown in length.  Yes, I say, she's tall/long and thin like her sister.  We listened to lots of guff about weight worries then too.  We know Sophia was heavier when she was born (9lb 7oz as opposed to Lara's 7lb!), we were there (!), but she was two weeks overdue.  Now she has found her optimal height/weight ratio, very similar to her sister's, who she is almost identical to.  We wait for talk of early weaning to begin, or even better for her to suggest my milk is inadequate and we top up with manufactured rubbish.  Just try it lady!  She looks at our faces and leaves it.

And then, finally, she gets onto the subject of immunisations.  The one we've all been waiting for.  She just wants to check, she says, that we're still not having them.  And she can't remember, she says, if we're going to have them individually, or not at all.  She's asked the GP practice, she says, to draft a letter so we can say that we decline the immunisations.  They'll send one out to us, she says.  I can't wait, I think, let's just see what that says!

She smiles, chats, makes light of it all in a 'just doing my job' manner.

Finally, she leaves.

And I come on here to rant....

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  1. Oh dear - sounds like quite an invasion. I admit I'm not looking forward to the health visitors after I have my baby. I am interested to hear more about your views on immunisations in due course - I don't know much about them and am just starting research. x

    1. I'm a bit nervous about posting about imms TBH because its such an emotive topic, particularly at the moment. But I'll get my facts straight and then get typing - soon, I hope! Lx


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