Fiction Friday: Faces (Baby's Very First Book)

I'm not sure this one quite counts as 'fiction' but it was the first book to catch Lara's interest, and is now doing the same for Sophia.

This is a traditional cloth or soft book, but the pages have a foam centre so they are chunky, making them easy for baby to grab hold of. 

The three pages feature different faces on one side, Mummy, Daddy and baby in this case, and patterns on the opposite side, with hearts and stripes etc in both black and white and the highlighted primary colour.  The designs are really eye-catching for baby, and invite interaction and reaction. 

The pages also have different crinkle textures inside which rustle in different ways as the pages are turned and played with.  They're great for chewing too, and despite being put through the mill by Lara, ours looks as good as new for Sophia.

As Lara got older we talked about the different pictures and patterns, providing her with vocabulary such as "the mummy's hair is short", as well as the names of what she could see.  By doing this the book remained interesting well beyond Lara's first birthday, so was an excellent investment at only £3.49!

I think this is an excellent first book for babies, and comes from a range which includes farm (red), pets (blue), and day (orange) and night (purple) versions too.  We love these books, and also have the pet variant (naturally!), which is just as good.

However, Lara did definitely prefer the yellow Faces (Baby's Very First Book) one, probably because babies are naturally drawn to faces, and yellow is a more eye-catching colour early on.  We haven't tried the bath book variant though, which looks fun!

Each book has the recommended black and white contrast, plus one bright colour, which is the most eye-catching combination for babies' eye sight.  You can read more about how a baby's eyesight develops, and what they can see at different stages, here.

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  1. Thanks Leta,
    It's too easy to forgot that little ones need stimulation too and looking at these books together gives you some lovely cuddle time too.

    Thanks for linking up to Parentonomy.

  2. off out to buy this book in the morning thank for the review <3

    tiffany wills


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