Fiction Fridays: My Mummy

Lara has recently discovered Peppa Pig and, like 99% of toddlers, is totally obsessed with the little pink grunting creature, muddy puddles and all!

I must admit we did try to resist getting involved with PP because I didn't like the general bossiness and whining tone, hardly a great example to toddlers!  We managed just over two years with no awareness of the phenomenon, but Lara has more than made up for that in recent weeks.

However, I must admit the programme's not quite as damaging as I had feared, and I have been particularly impressed with this book, a new addition to the children's library.  Just as well really, because I have had to read it a minimum of a dozen times a day since it arrived.

There's a really positive feminist slant to how Mummy Pig is represented here, showing her working at home, not in the kitchen as you might expect, but on the computer; and she is described as being determined to do things, especially if people [men] say she can't.

There is also a gentle parenting slant, with Mummy Pig joining in with the children's games; resisting getting cross when her children are just being children; and treating them as whole people, not just as 'kids'.

I must say, all in all, I am very impressed with this book, especially as I really didn't expect it to represent such a positive role model for my girls.  Peppa Pig, you have me converted!

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  1. Must confess I've always been a bit reticent about Peppa Pig, but recently I've been reminded who really in in charge! This book sounds like it could make both of us happy.

    Thanks for linking to Parentonomy.


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