Model for a Day

Yesterday was Sophia's first assignment as a model!

We had a fantastic morning with Genevieve from Gurgle Box.
Sophia was a very patient model and happily donned hats, bibs, booties and mittens.

She did start to get a little fed up towards the end though,
so was glad we only needed her gorgeous little legs and feet
for the beautiful Inch Blue shoes.

Lara was very patient with us all and joined in the fun.
Thanks to Auntie Kim for providing entertainment!

Here's Sophia having a congratulatory cuddle
with her photographer at the end of the shoot:

We can't wait to see the photos now, and will post a review of the
wonderful gifts over at Gurgle Box when the photos are up.

Thanks for a great morning, Gen!

And don't forget to enter our competitions!


  1. I had great fun too! Thank you so much for having me and what a beauty little Sophia is, plus the gorgeous Lara was incredibly patient! :) working on the photos now, can't wait to share them! Gen xx

    1. Thank you hon, love the first pics we've seen. Sophia has slept most of the morning today, we must have worn her out with all that posing! Have a fab weekend xx

  2. Aw this is lovely. What a little star she is! Ive been thinking about enrolling my daughter to a model agency, do you mind my asking which one do you use and do how do you find the whole experience?

    1. This was just as a favour. Would love to sign her up with an agency though. We tried it with Lara and the agencies were keen to accept but all seemed to charge fees for photos etc. We didn't want to shell out £100+ if it wasn't going to go anywhere. Let me know if you find anywhere good x

  3. Aw bless she is beautiful! A perfect little model :) x


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