Parenting Prompt

The other night, whilst browsing through the huge collection of random images we seem to have somehow amassed on this computer, I had a new idea.  An awful lot of them are those fun pictures people e-mail, tweet or Facebook you, ones you look at, nod, 'like', save cos they're cute or interesting, then forget all about.

What could I do with them, I wondered.  How could I use them to remind myself to strive every day to be a better parent, or even, perhaps, to inspire others?  And this is what I came up with, a sort of parenting inspiration for the week.  My intention is that it should be a little weekly reminder on a Monday morning (oops, failed already!) to cherish our children, to enjoy every moment, from teeny newborn babyhood on.

There may occasionally be a few words from me, but most of the time they'll speak for themselves, I hope.  I'll also gather them all together on a new Parenting Prompt page, so we [I] can glance back at them when I'm maybe not being the parent I want to be.  Let me know what you think, and be sure to send me any images you'd like included.

So, this is week one.

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