Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Week in Tweets

My third week of joining in with this fab idea from Slummy Single Mummy.  As I jotted down my ideas this week I noticed a bit of a domestic theme.  Obviously I am a perfect mother come Domestic Goddess come yummy mummy, like yourself, but reading about my week I am beginning to think I may fall slightly short of my own expectations...

So here it is, my slightly failing, stay-at-home-mummy week in tweets, ending with a bit of chocolate worship.  I hope it makes you smile, or nod, or both.

Monday   I finally find the bottom of the laundry basket (my Holy Grail). It is strangely unfulfilling, no Narnia or Shangri-la here.  #disappointing

Tuesday   I apparently take too long putting breakfast down.  Cats start eating old food to make me feel guilty.  It works.  Manipulative buggers!

Wednesday   Frantically catch up with Project 366 which I have only just begun.  Burn dinner.  Wonder where time goes...  Smoke alarm starts...

Thursday   It is 8.30am.  I have already put flippin' Peppa Pig back on her teeny tiny toy bike 37 times.  I go looking for superglue...  #parenting low

Friday   Lara now has four pairs of sunglasses.  She is two years old.  I have one pair.  Broken.  Four?!  #excessive accessorising

Saturday   Spend inordinate length of time wondering whether to start Easter egg yet. Take photo for Silent Sunday instead. Amazing self-control. #smug

Sunday   Lara painstakingly removes the foil from all her Easter eggs then puts them in a bowl to admire them.  She eats only one.  #weird

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  1. I am amazed at your self control re Easter egg-I have none when it comes to chocolate! Xx

    1. Such selff-control is rare for me, as you know! x

  2. Ah, small plastic toys. They usually disappear under the TV stand in our house and then get vacuumed up occasionally. Any of those eggs left?!


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