A Week in Tweets

This week has been mainly about telly, food and supermarkets - interesting!  Or maybe not...

Monday   Must have been looking particularly fey/girly in Tesco. Gentlemen of a certain age falling over themselves to help me! #shoppingwithout kids

Tuesday   Spent a very happy half hour judging the Weekly Bake-Off - yummy Ultimate Chocolate Roulade.  #sohungry  #wantchocolatecakeNOW

Wednesday   MAJOR CRISIS  Tree Fu Tom episodes disappearing from Cbeebies iPlayer - need DVD!!! CBeebies wot u doin???  #toddlertears #endofworld  #Iam2

Lara's great love
She's currently wandering round the house saying "Tom - gone!" all mournfully
CBeebies what are you doing to us?!
Thursday   Lots of reasons to be cheerful.  #R2BC  #happymumma

Friday   Excellent telly tonight on BBC1 & Channel 4.  Rose chilling in fridge.  Friday night looking very good :o)  #mummytv&wine  #happydays

Saturday    Woke up too late for car boot sale. Contented selves with charity shops instead - piece of Devon blue & Tinky Winky cuddly #notbadforlazySat

Sunday   Found Golden Wonder crisps and Boasters biscuits @Asda.  #stepbackintime

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  1. Uff, Tree Fu Tom is a huge hit in our house too. But ever since the Octonauts on iPlayer marathon we've kept quiet about TV on demand :)


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