Grand Designs Live!

 When Bake It Yourself and Neff kindly sent us tickets for Grand Designs Live, I wasn't sure it was going to be quite my cup of tea.  Steve is quite a fan of the programme, so I knew he'd love it, but I really didn't think there would be much of interest to me.  I expected it to solely be about the building side of things, rather than interior design.  I was quite mistaken!  Yes, there were the obvious areas, like windows, building materials, timber, architects, etc, fantastic outdoor ideas to create your 'other room', the garden, and some rather cool 'sheds' like these two:

I certainly wouldn't mind having one of those in the garden to hide away in from time to time! ;o)

There was also a huge range of kitchen fitters/manufactirers, and some great bathroom and fitted furniture ideas.  Not to mention the ubiquitous food and wine stalls, all offering delicious samples - can't wait for the Good Food Show in June to take full advantage of that side of shows!

In the kitchen area, I was very interested to see these fantastic water filter devices from Strauss Water, a new company over here, but apparently a household name in Israel.  I love both the concept, using filters and a UV light to purify a never-ending stream of cold or hot water, and the funky designs in a huge variety of colours.  The staff were really nice and friendly too!  I really hope the brand takes off over here, not least because I really want one of these!!

But what really impressed with Mr McCloud's event was the design side of things, particularly the fine art area.  Here are a few of my favourites.  Enjoy!

Funky prints from Cartoon Arts

Tortie Hoare Butterfly Chair
I am totally in love with this Butterfly Chair from 2010 Designer of the Year Tortie Hoare
It's both beautiful and comfortable

Beautiful coloured glassware...

...inclduign this wonderful lamp from John Pyle Designs

Lincoln Longcase Face
These clocks from jeweller and clock designer Marcus Wilkinson are stunning,
especially the Dali-esque melting clocks design featured below.

There were some home sets designed by Dulux -
love this decorative bookcase idea

Maybe because it still feels like winter, I felt very drawn to these chunky knit cushions!

Robin Duttson - The Apple Tree
"The Apple Tree" by Robin Duttson is stunning, such vivid colours

Pug by Dominic Gubb at Store Street Gallery

Stunning lampshade from Devon Driftwood Designs

Fab playroom or bedroom cushions from Theo

And finally...

These 'Glass Cathedral' box art works by Lisa Swerling really blew my socks off.  Each one has tiny people set in a scene within a white box frame, absolutely stunning.

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