Here Come the Dolls!

How much did you enjoy playing with dolls as a child?  I know some who hated it and some, like me, who absolutely adored it.  Dolls of all shapes and sizes, dressing, feeding, cuddling, singing to, the works.  My friend admitted the other day to being freaked out by the realistic ones with lots of hair.  Me, I still love them!  And two daughters is just the best excuse to play with dolls again, it's brilliant!

I mentioned recently that we had been rediscovering my old Pippa and Sindy dolls with Lara.  She has also been getting really into some little wooden dolls we were sent by the Wooden Toy Shop.  And she has a fast growing collection of rag dolls and baby dolls of various descriptions, including my own Ruth, Julie and Tiny Tears from way back when!

But the doll which has surpassed all others is this My Mini Baby Born, which Lara chose on our first visit to Toys'R'Us the other week.  She is about 4 inches tall, and came with various farm bits, including some teeny tiny velour rabbits which one of the cats tried to eat!  (Hmm, not so good...)

What Lara loves most though is taking dolly's clothes and shoes off and putting them back on again.  She even occasionally succeeds at doing this on her own, without the inevitable throwing herself on the floor two year old frustration!

There appears to be a huge range of these little dolls, with various outifts, animals and playsets, I think we may well be acquiring more!

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  1. I remember playing hospitals, schools and parents with dolls yet my only daughter had minimal interest and declared she had outgrown her dolls at age 4 and gave them all away! Hope you do better!

  2. I loved dolls too (particularly Barbie, although I know that's a very un-PC thing to admit to!) and was so looking forward to playing with them again with my daughter, but so far, she'd rather play with her brother's cars. Gutted!


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