Jubilee Mania!

There seems to be so much excitement about the Jubilee!  I must admit I'm quite taken aback.  I was in Russia for the Golden Jubilee, so cannot really compare to that year, but it definitely seems that we are very much back in love with GB, the Royal family, and our heritage this time round.  Is it purely because of the Jubilee, or does it have much to do with the Olympics too?  I'm not sure.

The preponderance of Union Jacks on anything and everything certainly raises questions about what the British people really want, and/or have allegiance to, in an age where our country is apparently so desperate to rip itself up into its component parts.

It was announced on the news yesterday that campaigning for a separate Scotland has begun, but the campaign for unity will start 'soon'.  Maybe there's less vim behind that!

To be honest, I'm not actually sure how I feel about Scotland and its quest for independence.  I've been to many amazing, beautiful, even slightly odd countries in this world of ours, but I've never been to Scotland which, to all intents and purposes, is just up the road.

Australians who reside way out in the outback apparently think nothing of a 200 mile trip to the shops or even the pub (I suppose there's no chance of hitting anyone or anything on the way home!); a large proportion of Americans don't feel the need to own a passport, presumably because their country is so huge that going to another state can be enough of a change of scene; Russians think nothing of travelling a few hundred miles for a weekend, or even 70 odd miles for a lunchtime picnic as I experienced more than once.

Yet to me here, Scotland is a long way away, and although I'm assured it's very beautiful, I can't say I have an overwhelming desire to go.  However, I don't really get the desire to break up the Union, or indeed understand what purpose would be achieved by it.  I think I will have to read more.  All opinions gratefully received!

As for the Queen's Jubilee, well I'm certainly no Republican.  I like having them, although I think only the Queen and the direct heirs should get any State money, but having taught foreign students in London for a couple of years, I saw at first hand what a huge draw they are.  The tourists do genuinely LOVE them, especially when they come from countries with no King/Queen/Emperor of their own.  I'm sure London will be absolutely swarming when we go up over the next few weeks!

I'm not sure what we will be doing to celebrate, and I'm not even sure I feel the need to 'celebrate' personally.  Yes, I will probably watch events on television if I'm home, but as for the street parties of 1977, or the nationwide silence of 1981 (as everyone watched the Royal Wedding on TV), I'm not sure it will happen.

We are a very much more sophisticated people than we perhaps were then, with greater horizons and expectations, and for all our renewed interest in the Royal family, I'm not sure the majority are that enthralled with them, other than a cursory, fleeting interest.

Maybe I will be proven wrong, maybe I won't be able to move for 4 day street parties, bunting, and rejoicing in the streets, but I'll be surprised.  BBC1 and ITV1 will no doubt be smothered in it, but the people themselves?  I'm not so sure.


  1. I confess I am not a Monarchist and never will be, but all the Mania Britannia paraphernalia amuses me. All the displays look very festive and colourful and I am joining in the fun with baking cakes, but then again, I would have been baking them even without an occasion.


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