Review: The Elf Games

I have mentioned more than once our recent rapid introduction to the world of Peppa Pig, and Lara's adoration of the pink piggies.  You may know that from the same team comes BAFTA award winning Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom.

We hadn't really watched this show before, so both Lara and I were excited when a copy of the latest Volume 4 DVD release dropped through the door.  The clear animation style is very similar to Peppa Pig, and the bright colours and cute characters are very visually appealing.  Lara was absolutely entranced!

The lead episode, The Elf Games, is a lovely tie-in to this year's Olympics for pre-schoolers, who may be wondering what all the fuss is about!  In this episode Ben brags about how important running and jumping are, and tells fairy Holly that the Elf Olympics aren't for fairies.

Holly wants to do gymnastics and dancing which, according to elf Ben, aren't 'real sports', and they fall out.  The episode also focusses on having to work hard to get a trophy; practising hard; and, through Nanny Plum helping Ben win with magic, introduces the idea of cheating.

In the end it is Fairy Holly who helps Ben win the race, smashing his prejudice towards fairies.  These are all good messages for our children, but I wasn't so sure about Holly's emphasis on 'looking pretty' as something she is good at!

The other episodes are equally entertaining and this is a DVD Lara keeps coming back to, it will certainly outlast the Olympic season.

The episodes are:

  • The Elf Games
  • Cows
  • The Toy Robot
  • Dinner Party
  • Big Bad Barry
  • King Thistle's Birthday
  • The Wand Factory
  • Daisy and Poppy's Pet
  • The Elf Rocket
  • Picnic on the Moon

Ben and Holly's Little K. Vol. 4 - The Elf Games [DVD] is released on Monday 14th May, RRP £8.99.

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  1. We all love Ben & Holly here (and Peppa Pig!). I've seen all the episodes, including the Elf Games, many times thanks to Nick Jr's daily repeats lol.

    One thing I've noticed with both shows is that they are really good at entertaining parents, often making references and puns that the little ones just wouldn't get (Mutiny on the Bunty? I believe that's on the Big Bad Barry episode)) and the humour is spot on.


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