Sunshine and Maternity Dilemmas

Thankfully, the sun seems finally to be reappearing.  Just as well, as we have been struck by bugs again this week.  First it was the cats over the weekend - suffice to say they spent a long time in their little cat loos, we got through rather a lot of room scent, and had lovely Diptyque candles burning almost constantly!

Misha and Yuri having a cuddle & feeling sorry for themselves
Then this morning, Lara woke feeling dreadful, clutching her little tummy and boiling hot.  She threw up a couple of times, and was really not herself.  I tucked her up on the sofa and let the fever take its course.  Miraculously, she is almost back to normal this afternoon, thank goodness, and has even eaten and drunk a little.

Some of our favourite friends visited yesterday, and we had a lovely day by the sea, which was a relief after the morning's sad news.  I also acted as a go-between, passing some maternity clothes on from one friend to another, and started pondering on the eternal mystery that is maternity clothing.

I must admit to being pretty hopeless in the style stakes when I was pregnant second time round, just opting for whatever was comfortable and practical.  But when I was pregnant with Lara I was still working, so had to make a bit more of an effort, but isn't it difficult?

I'm not sure why most manufacturers seem to think you are either going to spend your whole 9 months in leggings (see pregnancy 2 above), or you're going to wear fancy dresses every day of the week!

The thing I found most tricky though was swimwear.  I did buy one maternity swimsuit for trips to the pool, but it was awful, really old fashioned-looking and got all horrible and baggy when wet.  Not my greatest sartorial moment!

The pre-birth babymoon seems to have become very fashionable lately.  I think a lovely last couple's holiday must be fabulous, a chance to reconnect and prepare for the enormous life change about to come.

Cute honeymoon pic :o)

Our honeymoon was during the fourth month of my pregnancy with Lara, and it was lovely, apart from the ongoing morning sickness!  Although there was a teeny bump, I could still wear all my normal summer clothes.  I can't even begin to imagine how I would have fared in the fashion stakes had I been on holiday later on in my pregnancy.

I was very interested then to hear from my pregnant friends this week about the fab new maternity range at Next.  Now, before friends and family think hang on a minute...  No, I'm not pregnant - yet!  But I reckon it doesn't hurt to have some potential clothing ideas in mind.

Next have produced a really lovely spring-summer maternity collection, but I was particularly impressed by the range of supportive yet flattering swimwear.  It's in really up-to-date designs too, far superior to my ill-fated number!

What do you think?  Which design would you choose to flatter your bump in style?

Floral Print Swimsuit (Maternity)
Floral print, £26
Black & Cream Stripe Swimsuit (Maternity)
Black & cream stripe, £24
Pink Tropical Print Swimsuit (Maternity)
Pink tropical print, £26
Pink Floral Tankini Swimsuit (Maternity)
Pink floral tankini, £30

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