Review: Poppy Cat 'Birthday Treasures' DVD

Being the Luddites we are, we don't do satellite TV or any of that, nor do we watch CITV, so we had unknowingly been missing out on the delights of new hit Nick Jr and CITV series, Poppy Cat.  But now this adorable little kitty is available on DVD.  Released by Lionsgate on Monday, this lovely pre-school hit is now available to own, and with over two hours of fun, this DVD is going to be a big hit.

The first time we put it on, Lara was captivated by the catchy music, which immediately grabbed her attention, and she settled down to watch the cartoon.  Voiced by Gavin and Stacey star Joanna Page, lovely Poppy Cat has a series of extraordinary adventures with her friends, venturing through fantastic landscapes and having great fun along the way.

The best part for our Lara though is that the little girl who is Poppy's 'owner' and tells the stories is called Lara.  Whenever her mum calls her to supper or to put her coat on, our Lara gets very excited to hear her name on television - very cute!

The reason for the name is that Poppy Cat is based on a series of best-selling books by author Lara Jones, which have sold more than 2.5 million copies.  We will definitely have to invest in the books!
Lara has asked to watch this DVD repeatedly, and really loves the marmalade coloured cat and her friends, and watching these lovely little stories has inspired her to re-create some of the adventures and environs herself, which is perfect for her development as she progresses (all too speedily) towards the end of her third year.

The DVD, Birthday Treasures and Other Adventures, features 11 episodes:
  • Birthday Treasure
  • Bad Robot
  • Magic Show
  • Sunken Ship
  • Bumble Fumble
  • Cheese Mountain
  • Marshmallow Mines
  • Missing Keys
  • Chilly Hills
  • Space Race
  • Buried Treasure
and is available to buy for RRP £12.99 from Monday, 3rd September 2012.

The DVD also comes with a buy one get one free voucher for Chessington World of Adventures, perfect for those children and families who are as adventurous as Poppy and her friends.

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  1. We're also Luddites, we don't have any satellite/Sky just the boring Freeview box, but even then we don't watch much of TV. Kids prefer to watch the DVDs, or the ipad (Youtube videos). I can imagine Lara being thrilled to hear her own name. We have a DVD Eddie and the bear, and Eddie is the same, happy to hear his name from the screen.

  2. My girls love Poppy cat, especially as we have cats!


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