Review: Mike the Knight 'Galahad the Great' DVD

We are HUGE fans of Mike the Knight in this house, Lara having spotted his eager little face on the very first CBeebies trailers, and been besotted ever since!  She was therefore absolutely delighted when we received a preview copy of the Mike DVD to review the other day.

In case you don't know who Mike is, he is the star of a fab new CGI animation for pre-schoolers from HIT Entertainment, which transports viewers to a bygone age filled with castles, knightly quests and dragons.

Galahad the Great is the latest series of adventures featuring Mike, the trainee knight, his sister Evie and their good friends Mr Cuddles, Sparkie, Squirt and Galahad the horse.  Each of the five episodes features the familiar combination of Mike setting himself a knightly mission, making a mistake (or three) and then setting things right following his rallying call of "Be a knight, do it right!"

In the featured episode of the title, Mike the Knight's best friend and trusty steed, Galahad, has a starring role when Mike wants to make Galahad look perfect - really knightly!  With sparkling bells on his ankles, a brand new saddle and an extra large feather, he looks the part, but things start to go badly wrong!  The young knight in training soon realises the error of his ways and realises that Galahad is perfect just the way he is.

The other episodes feature Mike trying his best, but not always listening or thinking about what others want, and then seeing the error of his ways.  One of the best points for us as parents is that, in teaching toddlers and pre-schoolers these essential skills, the programme is never preachy or condescending, and all involved have lots of fun along the way.

For fans of the show and its adorable characters, this new DVD is a must-have, and for those new to Mike the Knight, I urge you to join in the fun today!  Huzzah!

Mike the Knight: Galahad the Great is released today, 24th September, RRP £12.99.

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  1. This is a favourite in our house too x my 2 little girls love it xoxox


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