Christmas Preparations & Decorations

I LOVE Christmas!  Last night, I settled down with notebook and pen and made my lists.  Lists of presents to buy, and presents bought; notes on events to organise, book and research, and visits to schedule; lists of cards to send; menus to plan, accompanying shopping lists to write out; and blog posts to draft.

The last one is a new addition, but the lists are an annual event and have been going on for a number of years.  It's list bliss!  Steve knows better than to suggest that I rehash last year's lists, oh no, no, no.  It must be done fresh every year, and slowly deliberated over and savoured.

Don't sit there tutting you bah humbuggers, there's only 2 months to go!  You may not share my need to organise it all with military precision, but you do need to be prepared.  The main problem is that, if you leave it much later, you're going to miss out on the best stuff.  Father Christmas will be booked up, the must-have toys will be sold out, and the best decorations will be waiting for someone else's tree.

Back in July, I attended a number of Christmas in July events - absolute heaven for a list-making Christmas-aholic like myself!  One of the best I went to was the Tesco one, and I can tell you their Christmas plans are amazing!  From toys to food to the perfect additions to your tree and your home, Tesco have it all covered.

Whether your taste is gold, gold and more gold, or scant Scandinavian; stylish silver and white, or simply red, Tesco Christmas decorations have something for everyone.

With only 9 weeks to go, it's time to start making some decisions.  Will your tree be real or reusable?  Will you be opting for a whole new decorative theme, or just adding a few choice new pieces to your collection?  And what about the tree lights, they're not just for the tree these days!  Will you be decorating other areas of your home?  The fireplace or hearth?  A garland up the stairs, or how about a wreath for the front door?

Whatever you are looking for, you'll find what you need at Tesco.

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  1. Seems like you're getting into the spirit.

  2. Im saving like mad, Xmas is so expensive

  3. Am really looking forward to Xmas 2013 must get some new decorations

  4. Started shopping at beginning of year but still lots to do I like your idea of lists


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