Review: Cottage Croquet Set

One of the more random items on our wedding present list was a request for a croquet set!  We had played a few times, and really loved the game.  Not necessarily the preserve of the upper classes or those with vast lawns to play on, croquet is a fun and gentle game along the lines of posh hockey!

Unfortunately, we didn't receive a croquet set, so we leapt at the chance to review one for the fantastic outdoor and garden toy company Big Game Hunters.  They have a huge range of trampolines, playhouses, climbing frames, and big garden games, such as Giant Jenga and Giant Connect 4.

We highly recommend the large scale garden games for any social occasion, especially as they can be used indoors or out.  We had a big Connect 4, Giant Twister and Snakes & Ladders in the garden at our wedding, which went down really well, great fun.  They have been dragged out again and again for Lara's Christening, family parties, and are always a big hit.

At the moment, Lara has the Giant Connect 4 out all the time, and plays with it often, even though she doesn't quite get the turn-taking principle, so it just becomes a race to see who can get the most discs in first!!

Have a look at the Big Game Hunters website for their full range of garden games, where you can view the full range of croquet sets, Giant Chess Sets, Boules, and much more!

We love the Cottage Croquet Set we were sent, and have had a few rounds already, with Lara playing with one or the other of us as a mini team!  My 7 year old niece loves it too, and it has regularly been out in my mum's garden on the brighter days we've had.  This is a smaller sized croquet set, which is ideal for the smaller garden, and beginners like us!
The set consists of:

• 4 hardwood croquet mallets (32.5 inches long with smaller heads)

• 4 light weight (but full size) wooden balls

• lighter weight steel hoops

• hardwood Winning Post and rules

Basically it has everything you need to enjoy the game in full, and is all contained in a zip-up hardwearing nylon bag which can be stored in the utility room or shed, and easily moved around with the attached handles.

We are so impressed with the quality of this croquet set. Having looked at other sets, this one is so professional and beautifully made, it will last and last.  Highly recommended!

This is the perfect introductory croquet set, and can be enjoyed by the whole family.  It is suitable for children from age 6 up, but as I said, you can always play in 'teams' with younger ones like we do!

RRP £84.99

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