Friday, 9 November 2012

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom: Magic School Games

Some great new games have been launched for Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom, you can find them online at

The official Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom website has just launched some fantastic new games for fans of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. Based on the episode ‘Mrs Fig’s Magic School’, the new games allow users to attend the magic school and activities include playing instruments in the Elf Band; exploring the Elf Tree and saving the Kingdom from a Jelly Flood! Also - coming soon to the site - users will also be able to control Nanny Plum’s growing spell.

By playing the games, fans of the show will have the opportunity to enter a competition where they can win some suitably magical prizes – including Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Live stage show tickets, the brand new Elf Tree Playset, and the chance to own an exclusive Magic License signed by the Wise Old Elf!

Lara is a HUGE fan of 'Ben & Polly' as she calls them, and has been having a great time playing all the games.  I thnk the jelly flood game is her favourite - can't wait to see that in tthe live show next week either!  (review coming soon)

For all things Little Kingdom, you can also find the Official Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Facebook page at: and the Official Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Twitter page, as voiced by the irrepressible Nanny Plum, can be found at

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