Monday, 19 November 2012

It’s all about the bra…

For all those who have experienced motherhood, when you are pregnant, it can seem that almost as though your body changes on an almost daily basis.

Obviously our stomachs expand to accommodate our growing babies, and our breasts will also begin to change quite early on. A good maternity bra is essential to reduce the risk of stretch-marks, back pain and sore breasts.

Maternity lingerie can be sexy and comfortable at the same time. Choosing the right bra early on during your pregnancy helps us to feel good about the way we look whilst also giving us the additional support needed as our breasts become larger, heavier and even more sensitive.

I have heard some people say that it is best to buy a maternity bra sometime in the fourth month of a pregnancy, and choose one that fits at this point on the tightest hook, so to enlarge it as our rib-cages expand.

Underwiring is not advised during a pregnancy as it can clog the milk ducts and cause problems that may affect feeding and will surely become painful. A proper maternity bra is made of soft, elasticated material that is designed to grow with your body without putting pressure on you.

The straps should be sturdy and wide-set to take the weight off the back and shoulders. Maternity bras from go right up to a size 48E, so no matter how big your breasts get during pregnancy and nursing, there will be a comfortable level of support available.

A properly-fitted maternity bra can reduce the appearance of stretch-marks or in some cases prevent them from appearing at all. Measuring for a maternity bra is the same as for a regular one, except it is advisable to wear a non-padded bra as you measure to keep the heavier breasts in place.

The more adjustable the bra is the more wear you will get for your money. Look for one with at least three sets of hooks in the back strap so you can alter it to fit your changing shape.

If your breasts do grow particularly large or become uncomfortable, a sleep bra can also help.

This keeps everything in place while you sleep but is designed to be as comfortable as possible so it won’t keep you awake at night. These are especially useful in the last trimester when the breasts begin to grow more rapidly.

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  1. my favorite bra for years, try others, and always wonder. Soft, Most comfortable wonderbra bras and I really need the adjustments in the front like this one has!!


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