Thursday, 22 November 2012

My Beautiful Vista in Sussex

Sitting gazing out of the window at the roiling winter sea can be such a tranquil experience, it makes me just dream drift away into all the adventures that the summer holds.

The Sussex coast is so beautiful, I want to get out and explore, but in winter time the weather means I need to keep the children (and me) warm and indoors a lot. The South Downs, bluebell woods and ancient forests, secluded bays and lively marinas – so much to see and do as soon as the weather picks up again.

Maybe we should all go on a long cycle ride, with the kids in a little sidecard, when the weather picks up a bit? We could take a trip through the woods or along the coastline – either way the views are always sure to be amazing.

Although perhaps it will all be too tiring? Maybe we need to save that for when they’re a little older and can both ride their own bikes, so that they can really engage in the adventure that is Sussex.

We could always take the car and visit one of the local nature reserves I guess; kids love animals, so that may work. Exploring the ancient royal parks full of animals or even going to the local aquarium to gaze at the beautiful sea creatures and colourful fishes – there is so much to see and do in my locality. As soon as we get a bit of sunshine, I intend to uncover all the fun things that we can do on a family fun day out.

Perhaps I could take the kids on a pony trek – just thinking out of the box here 

They’ve never been horse-riding and it’s such a fantastic way to explore the local countryside as well as the beachfront. We could even go on a horse-back riding trail adventure for the whole family, so we can really explore and admire our local area? It would certainly save me all the hassle of trying to organise two young children for a long haul flight to another side of the world.

We could head off over the Downs with nothing but a picnic lunch and a song in our hearts! It would certainly give me an excuse to check out the selection of riding boots online, just in case we actually go on our equine adventure.

Post brought to you in association with Equestrian Clearance.

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  1. Very lovely pic, Sussex totally has the nicest coasts in the UK!


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