Saturday, 24 November 2012

Review: Dentyl Active

You can now help to protect your teeth from dental decay and enamel erosion with new alcohol free Dentyl Active Enamel Restore.  It helps to strengthen tooth enamel by replacing lost minerals and helps protect your teeth from damaging foods and drinks by protecting against acid erosion and enabling the enamel to become more resistant to acid attack.  It has an exhilarating icy fresh mint flavour and also helps to maintain healthy gums.

We have been trying the mouthwash for a few days now and find it fresh tasting with long-lasting effects.  Whether it is helping to protect and strengthen our teeth I'm not sure, but it certainly leaves the mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Dental decay is on the rise in the UK, with 55% of adults in the UK having one or more decayed teeth.  Research has shown that carbonated drinks can double or even triple the incidence of tooth decay, but even worse many people are not cleaning their teeth the recommended twice a day, with 1 in 20 yucky men going withoutt brushing their teeth for up to FOUR days!!!  Plus 73% of people said they changed their toothbrush only every 6 months or more.  Yuck!!

Alcohol free Dentyl Active Enamel Restore is available from supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide and costs £4.07 for 500ml.

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