Review: Good Heavens! Yogurt Drinks

We have just been trying out a lovely indulgent new yogurt drink from Good heavens!, the premium yogurt maker.  Their drinking yogurts are perfect for mornings, being tasty and deliciously indulgent, yet healthy too.

Good heavens! have just launched 5 new adult drinking yogurts which are set to shake up the healthy breakfast drinks shopping aisle!

With a great all-natural taste, these new drinking yogurts from the boutique yogurt maker are a far cry from the usual saccharine-tasting yogurt drinks.  Each little bottle contains less than 100 calories, yet is packed full of live yogurt cultures and, more importantly, flavour.

There are 3 flavours of standard Good heavens! drinking yogurt, 'Luscious Strawberry', 'Succulent Blackcurrant' and 'Refreshing Apple and Pear', each consisting of hand-crafted Mediterranean style drinking yogurt blended with the finest fruit.  They are made in small batches, and have been lovingly handmade at the home of Good heavens! for over 20 years.

Then there are 2 flavours of Good morning! drinking yogurt, which also contains finely milled oats (6%), providing essential dietary fibre with a unique taste.  The two flavours are Raspberry and Blueberry.  Each contains an impressive 30% fruit puree, beautifully balanced with a drizzle of golden honey.

We were sent the Strawberry Good heavens! drinking yogurts, which were creamy and delicious.  A great start to the day!  They are thicker than the usual drinking yogurt, and definitely taste a 100 times better, both in terms of flavour and texture.  There is none of the slightly powdery texture and funny aftertaste you usually get with conventional drinking yogurts, probably because of the artificial sweeteners and other fake ingredients they contain.  By contrast, the Good heavens! drinking yogurts are smooth, luscious and all natural-tasting.

We were also sent some of the Raspberry, Oats & Honey Good morning! drinking yogurts, which I didn't really like, but Steve did.  I didn't like the texture of them with the clagginess of the oatmeal, but Steve liked that this made them more substantial-tasting than the standard drinking yogurt.  He's a cereal fan, unlike me, so maybe the unusual texture thing is more usual to him.  Flavour-wise, the Good morning! yogurts were yummy too, and I really liked the slight sharpness of the raspberry overlaid by the warm sweetness of the honey.

Both styles and all 5 flavours are available in a 4-pack, RRP £2.50, and are available at Tesco and other supermarkets.

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  1. I like a nice yoghurt drink - the packaging looks a bit unnecessary though.

  2. Yogurt drinks are lovely during the hot Summer!

  3. I like a cool Yoghurt drink with ice lol


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