Friday, 16 November 2012

Review: Winx Dolls

I told you last week about the fab new range of Winx dolls from Jaxx Pacific, including the collectible 11.5” Fashion Dolls, dazzling in trend-setting outfits and accessories to ensure they look great while fighting the bad guys!

The Deluxe Fashion Dolls (RRP £19.99) feature the six friends with eleven points of articulation, ultra-sophisticated sparkly outfits with gorgeous fabric, and spectacular hinged glittery wings, showcasing beautiful Believix style.

Due to Lara being poorly during half-term, we were unable to take her and cousin Mya to the launch event in London, and we were all rather gutted at missing out on all the fun!  However, the lovely PR for the launch kindly sent us over a couple of the new dolls to play with and Lara is in love!

The two dolls we were sent are Stella, pretty as a picture in pink with bright pink and yellow glittery wings; and Bloom, who has slightly edgier clothing in a bright blue, but delicate pink and blue butterfly wings.  Bloom is Lara's favourite, just look at the photos!  But she loves both of them with their glittery, fluttery wings, cool high shoes and luscious brushable locks.

These dolls are played with every day, and are the first thing out of the toy box when anyone new comes to visit!  Lara is a bit young for the show at the moment, but certainly not for the dolls.  They're just perfect for a dolly, glitter and fairy-obsessed nearly three year old!  My eight year old niece is highly impressed with them too, and we have one tucked away for Christmas already, especially as Lara got first dibs on these two!

Really lovely quality dolls, the perfect Christmas present for little girls aged 3 to 8+, I would say!

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  1. My girls have these dolls and love them!

  2. First I have heard of Winx dolls.

    Rachel Craig

  3. What pretty dolls.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Seems like these dolls would entertain the children for some time. Take it they are pose-able given they have eleven points of articulation.

    Rachel Craig


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