Friday, 9 November 2012

Why Books Matter

I read recently on the wonderful Booktrust website, an impassioned plea from Jacqueline Wilson - Why Books Matter - and I wanted to share it with you.

Reflecting on the shocking 32% increase in food bills since 2007, and the ever-tightening squeeze on UK households' disposable incomes, the Booktrust considered how we can possible find the extra pennies and pounds to buy books?

Thankfully, this is where the Booktrust's amazing universal bookgifting programmes like Bookstart, Booktime and Bookbuzz are so important, especially at a time when many families struggle to afford food, clothing and other essentials.  Filling our homes with the "joy, laughter and pleasure of books", can unfortunately take a backseat for many.

At an event in October, celebrating 20 years of Bookstart, Dame Jacqueline Wilson had said that books 'nourish children's imaginations'.  She went on to say:

"When I was a toddler, every child had free orange juice and cod liver oil... This was to nourish our bodies. Now we're caring about nourishing children's imaginations. I think it's equally important... Reading aloud to small children is the very best way of creating keen readers in adult life... We know that a good book is a source of endless pleasure, a way of widening experience and increasing understanding. It can be awe-inspiring, stimulating, comforting, astonishing - a way of travelling around the world - indeed experiencing many fantasy worls - whilst curled up in an armchair. A book is a welcome diversion when we're sad or in pain, waiting in an airport, sleepless at night."

The Booktrust report continues:

"So let's continue to nourish children's imaginations with a steady diet of books and dedicated time to devour them, digest them and let them create a warm glow in our bellies. To the nourishment of books!"

What books nourish yours and your children's imaginations the most?

For more information about wonderful Bookstart and its programmes, visit the website.


  1. Dexter is loving Giles Paley-Phillips at the moment but I want to get him the Gruffalo for Christmas and I suspect that'll be a favourite. Mine is Captain Corelli's Mandolin - I just love that book - my copy is dog-eared now and smells of the sea as it's come on so many holidays.


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