Thursday, 13 December 2012

All Under £20: Ten Christmas Gift Ideas For The Whole Family

For some lucky ones, thinking of Christmas gift ideas is a breeze. For the rest of us, it’s possibly the most daunting job of the year.

The task becomes even more arduous when your loved ones don’t even know what they want themselves.

Perhaps people have an intrinsic fear of sharing exactly what they want for Christmas.

Maybe it comes across rude or expectant if we were to openly tell our families “I want this and I want that and I want the other.”

Kiddies tend not to share this fear. “I want this and I want that and I want the other” comes naturally as their concept of money and consequence is yet to develop.

It’s the adults in the family that are the problem. Getting a ideas from them is like getting blood from a stone. It’s a Jesus-sized nightmare – one that he surely never intended to thrust upon us.

With this in mind, here are 10 budget ideas for 10 different members of the family this Christmas.

The ideas have all been chosen from a selection of discount deals websites that you might normally associate with days out, spa visits or restaurant offers.

However, what’s little known to most is that these websites offering money off vouchers sell physical items too and, if you were to order now, would receive them in time for Christmas.

Here we go, from Uncle Bob to Granny Madge, this list might just help provide a little inspiration for those stuck for ideas while keeping to an affordable budget.

Granny Madge: Luxury Bath Hamper

These are currently selling online for £19.99 – 50% cheaper than the RRP.

It’s nicely packaged too. The older generation tend to appreciate that.

Auntie Pauline: Alpaca Scarf

Alpaca scarves are normally quite expensive. However, at £12.99 (57% cheaper than its RRP) Auntie Pauline won’t believe you’ve spent that amount on her this Christmas.

That’s because you haven’t.

Mum: Luxury Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? You may have already got mum something but a side of luxury flowers is always appreciated.

You can buy a £20 voucher for £50 worth of flowers from Groupon this week.

Mum will be happy. As will your pocket.

Nephew Nathan: Super-Smart Hoody

Since hoodies made their announcement around a decade ago, they’ve showed no sign of fading away like most fashion trends.

Bravesoul, S&J and Fenchurch hoodies are up for grabs at £14.99 – over 50% off the RRP.

Brother Bradley: iPad Keyboard

Everybody has a technology mad member of the family. The one who always has the very latest gadgets.

At 67% off the RRP, this keyboard allows you to use your iPad like a regular laptop.

You can pick it up for £19.99.

Niece Lottie: iPod Speakers

It’s difficult to find somebody who doesn’t like music. Teenagers generally make the most of this by playing their music to bone-shattering decibels.

So why not help to annoy your brother or sister by filling their house with teenage music for £14.99 (67% off).

Sister Susie: Leather Driving Gloves

If, like many, you’re one of these people who prefer to buy a number of small presents as opposed to one big present, this could be ideal.

At £12.99, over 50% off, you can’t go wrong. Particularly good for those cold winter mornings waiting for the car to warm up!

Great Granny Gertrude: Personalised Canvas

Great Grandmas love showing off their families by planting their faces all over the walls of their front rooms.

With this personalised canvas for £15 (half price) you can choose exactly which photos you want in the montage. A range of designs are available, not only heart-shaped.

Freeing up some wall space for dear old Great Granny.

Granddad Anth: E-reader Protective Case

With retirement comes a whole lot of free time.

For many pensioners who have embraced technology, e-readers are fast becoming an integral part of daily life.

You can help protect that investment with this £12.99 protective case – 48% off.

Uncle Bob: Remote Control Helicopter

Whether they admit it or not, most uncles are big kids at heart.

You can help appease their inner child with this remote control chopper for £19.99, less than half price.

Hopefully that helps with some affordable ideas for Christmas presents. If you’ve got any ideas that you’d like to share, please let us know by leaving a comment. You may just help one of us out of a pickle!

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