Book Review: Poppy Cat 'All Aboard' & 'Blast Off!'

We are HUGE fans of Poppy Cat, and are gradually amassing DVDs, toys, and even our very own Poppy Cat!  We have also recently been sent both of the new TV tie-in hardback board books to review: Poppy Cat TV: All Aboard! and Poppy Cat TV: Blast Off!.

Published by Macmillan, they are sturdy books perfect for little ripping hands (Sophia), but with
enough content to keep toddlers amused too (Lara).  Both books feature Poppy Cat and all her friends on one of their fantastic adventures.  They are colourful and beautifully illustrated, making them appealing to both girls.

In All Aboard, the gang of friends set sail in search of buried treasure, dogged by Egbert as usual!  Lara is very into pirates at the moment, so this one has great appeal, and has sparked much talk of buried treasure and treasure maps!

Blast Off! features another of Lara's current fascinations - space!  In this story the friends head off into space, and embark on a series of adventures.  Owl floats off into space, only to be rescued by Poppy, and then Zuzu has to fly the space rocket back safely!

We love these books as they are so bright and cheerful with their jewel-like colours, and they are a perfect first book for younger children like Sophia.  I have also been pleasantly surprised at how much interest Lara has shown in them, and they are certainly a must-have for any Poppy Cat fan!

They would also make a great addition to a baby or toddler's library as they are just so bright and lovely, and don't forget to look out for all the other gorgeous Poppy Cat products.

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