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We're all unfortunately now used to the banning of traditional playground games due to dear old 'ellf & safety'.  Our children can no longer play conkers, all but the tamest versions of chase, British Bulldog, and even marbles!*  Luckily, fun jigsaw producer Little Wigwam has come to the rescue!  They have created a new fun game based on the traditional play of British Bulldog, but being a board game there is no chance of anyone getting bashed!  Well, unless you have a very sore loser in your house...

Yes, Britain's favourite playground game has been reinvented as a board game!  Can the Runners make it safely across the playground avoiding the Bulldog?  The Teachers can help, but if the Runners get caught it's "British Bulldog"!

We played this with my 8 year old niece, who thought it was hilarious, as it involves dashing about across the board playground using the direction and number dice, swiftly pursued by the dreaded bulldog.  This strategy game is a geat introduction to the principles of chess and draughts, whilst at the same time teaching number and counting skills, and encouraging social skills and interaction with the family.

We love board games in this house, and this is another name which will be coming out again and again the years to come!  Recommended from 5 years up, I think a slightly younger child could join in with some parental help, maybe play as a team with them?

Right now I'm thinking this is a great one to play whilst waiting for Christmas dinner to be served, we could definitely get a couple fo rounds in during that awkward dead time between morning and lunch!

Another huge bonus for us green types is that the game, and indeed the box, is made form 100% recycled cardboard - yay!

The box contains a playing board, Bulldog piece, 4 runner pieces, an instruction leaflet, a number die, a direction die (RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!) and a sheet of stickers.  The game costs a very reasonable £14.95, and is available online from Little Wigwam.  They are currently offering free delivery if you spend over £20, so why not have a look at their many other jigsaws and lovely place mats to fill those Christmas stockings with!

I defy our children to take this fun board game into school on the end of Autumn term Mufti day, and see what reaction it gets from those paranoid teachers!

* Survey of school staff regarding banned playground games

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  1. I used to love playing this at school.

  2. this game looks like fun think this may end up on the xmas list thanks for the review xx

  3. Brilliant idea although I can remember playing the real British Bulldog as a kid and got very messy indeed, especially as it rains a lot in the North-East! Happy days!


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