Saturday, 1 December 2012

Stocking Fillers from Lush

Sophia and I recently attended a lovely little event at Lush Covent Garden for the launch of their fab new product, FUN.  We adore Lush products, especially the bath bombs and bubble bars.  Like many parents we swear by the Ickle Baby Bot to induce sleep in the most wide awake child!

FUN is a new multi-purpose product which feels a bit like play dough, so can be squished and modelled to your heart's content.  It then lathers up into lovely soft frothy bubbles for washing hair and body.  It was created in Japan by 

Made from cornflower, talc and glycerine, FUN is available in five different colours and scents at £5 for 200g.  It really is great fun and a lovely addition to children's bathtime.  You can play with it, you can wash with it, you can foam it up to make a bubbly bath, you can even wash your clothes with it!  Just don't try to eat it like Sophia did...

For the first year of sales*, Lush will be giving 10p from every bar of FUN sold to projects providing fun and recreational activities for children living in the areas affected by the 2011 Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.

We also came home with a super cute little wishing star for Lara, which you swish in the bath to turn the water pink, whilst making a fairy wish of course!  It has a little jingly bell for casting your magic spell, and is just adorable.  Lara has been using it in every bath since!  The joy of it is you just use what you need then leave it to dry till the next time - the bath bomb that lasts and lasts!

Both of these would make excellent little stocking fillers for children, and are great value for money lasting through many bathtimes.

A Lush Christmas

Lovely bath bomb mould tree decorations

Clutching her yummy croissant

One of the first Christmas trees Sophia saw up close!

*until September 2013

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