Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Comping Crazy

Do you remember the craze a few years back for Cosmic Ordering? Noel Edmonds credited it for his resurgence with the extremely odious Deal Or No Deal, and suddenly it was BIG news everywhere.  Well this is kind of the Comper's version of that.  Consumerist Buddhism, if such an oxymoron may be allowed!

 I never really thought of myself as a 'Comper' before - someone who enters many, many competitions, sometimes even entering to win things they don't actually want or need!  But somehow, with blogging comes comping, and last year I found myself entering - and winning - loads.  There are blog competitions, Facebook competitions, Twitter competitions, even whole sites dedicated to directing you to competitions*.
And I actually did quite well out of them all!  I won several hundred pounds' worth of vouchers, quite a lot of toys, some foodie bits, even a lovely hamper.  I even won some with my blog posts.  So this year I am even more determined to enter lots and lots of competitions, and to win lots of nice things for me and the family.

We haven't done too badly so far this year, winning something every week - a duvet, a board game and a Nickelodeon goody bag so far!  But after reading this post from esteemed serial comper Di Coke, I have decided to compile my own list of things I'd like to win this year.  Consider this my comping cosmic order!

  • Family holiday, overseas or at home, we don't mind!
  • More Duplo for the girls
  • Laptop or desktop to replace our knackered computer
  • Overnight trip to Peppa Pig World
  • Flatscreen TV to replace our slightly ropey old-style model
  • Dualit toaster
  • IKEA vouchers for the last remaining bits of furniture we need
  • Tickets to Lollibop
  • A good camera
  • Hunter wellies for us all
  • Merlin Annual Pass for unlimited entry to Sea Life, Blackpool Tower and Legoland
  • Tickets to Peppa Pig World, or an annual pass!!
  • Decent jeans for Steve
  • Hotel mini-break in a city, preferably London, Bath, Exeter or Bristol
  • Supermarket vouchers
  • Spa treatments
  • Caravan or cottage holiday in Devon
  • A bigger car, preferably a 7 seater
  • Clothing vouchers to treat myself with
  • Smartphone
 Good luck with your comping this year, and if you haven't tried it yet, have a go!

* Try The Prizefinder for all sorts of competitions, or Superlucky for a monthly round-up of blog competitions.


  1. I became a comper last year. To be honest I started to see if I could win Christmas pressies for my son and would put them away. In just a few months I won heaps - toys, hampers, veggie boxes, beauty products and clothes. This month a boy's bike turned up and that has been squirreled away for next Christmas! Things have been tough so this cheers me up, gets the nice bits for the family. I wish you luck with your list :) x

    1. Wow, sounds like you've done really well! Your son will love his bike next Christmas!! It's a world I never really knew about, but as you say it can be very lucrative (if that's the right word!), especially when money is tight. Good luck with your comping this year!

  2. Good luck with your comping, I love it too here's my wishlist for this year http://vickys-luck.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/my-2013-wishlist.html

  3. I have been comping on and off for a couple of years...Did fab in the run up to christmas won so much for my girls which really helped!! Also won a couple of hampers and 12 bottles of wine which I'm still working my way through....lol
    Prize Finder is such a great site...I use it daily...lol
    Great list and good luck with it!!

    1. Ooh, wine sounds good! I should have put that on my list! Glad you are doing so well out of comping too, hope you get lots of lovely things this year, Lx

  4. It actually works, it's more commonly known guise is the law of attraction, made famous in the book The Secret. I had a Vision board last year and with the exception of a Kenwood KMix and Jay-Z - I pretty much got what I wanted, one way or another :-)

  5. This coming March it will be two years since I started comping. I only ever really enter for things I would like or for things I know someone in my family would really like. I've had some lovely prizes and you know it's such a pick-me-up when the postman brings you a little parcel with a lovely book or toys. Mostly I love things I can give away to family, this year I gave my dad a sat nav I'd won and he was over the moon with it because it's not something he'd have been able to splash out on himself. It's a really great hobby to have :)

  6. Good luck! :) I'm hoping to win the kids birthday and christmas gifts and a short break this year, fingers crossed!!!


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