Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Review: Weight Watchers Jaffa Cake Bars

Weight Watchers® have just launched a yummy new Jaffa Cake Bar which offers a satisfying sweet treat with the hit combination of chocolate and orange.  And thanks to Weight Watchers this yummy bar is a possibility even on the ProPoints diet.

This new version of the nation’s favourite contains only 75 calories and 1.3g of fat per bar, and has a ProPoints® value of just 2 per serving.  Combining a delectably soft cake base with a tantalizingly tangy orange filling, topped off with real Belgian chocolate, this is a delicious feel-good snack that can be enjoyed anytime.

I was really impressed with these bars, they are delicious and possibly taste even better than 'real' Jaffa cakes!  Lara didn't like the chocolate-orange combination, but Sophia loved them!!  Best of all, the bars are also free from artificial flavours and preservatives, and are suitable for vegetarians.

Thanks to each bar being individually wrapped, they can be enjoyed anywhere too.  Convenient to pop into your handbag, changing bag or car glove box for a quick snack when on the go.

Weight Watchers Jaffa Cake Bars are available in packs of six at RRP £1.99, and are available in larger branches of Sainsbury's.

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