Wednesday, 6 February 2013

ChildAid and The Utility Warehouse

Have you heard of The Utility Warehouse?  Did you know that ChildAid are a Community Fundraiser distributor for The Utility Warehouse?

For doing what you have to do anyway - buying electricity, gas, phone, broadband and even your weekly shopping - you can save yourself money AND raise funds to help us transform the lives of children and young people.

Have a look at what French & Saunders have to say about it here.

Utility Warehouse do not advertise, but rely on word of mouth from existing customers and authorised distributors. They have over 400,000 customers (96% would recommend Utility Warehouse to a friend) and are regularly awarded the "Which? Recommended Provider" for all utilities.

If moving to Utility Warehouse would save you money, the additional great news is that ChildAid receives up to 5% of your bill each month from the company (AT NO COST TO YOU). Use the link here, or phone them on 020 8460 6046 to see what savings could be made.

... one supporter transferring to Utility Warehouse would raise funds to buy a child a winter coat and a pair of winter boots; 5 supporters joining would raise enough to pay for a trained physiotherapist in Moldova for a whole month...

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