Family fun in the sun…at least once it comes out again!

We are still in the middle of winter, and the opportunities to go out and do something fun with the kids are at best limited. The fact that it’s so cold outside and the threat of snow, rain and ice makes it difficult for us to do anything other than stay at home. Summer can’t come soon enough!

When the weather does start to get a little warmer, I have big plans for my garden. I want to make it somewhere that my kids can play in safely and freely, getting some exercise and fresh air, while I can sit and enjoy my cuppa and watch over them to make sure they don’t get hurt. I’ll do anything to protect them, and sprucing the garden up is the most mutually beneficial idea I’ve got so far.

I would love to create a small playground where the kids can spend hours having fun. A slide, swing, seesaw and sandpit are all great ideas, as can be enjoyed on a regular basis, especially during long summer days when they’re not at school.

When they (or me and my friends) want to just sit and talk, a set of garden furniture might help, as they can rest their feet for a bit before they decide to run around the place again. It’s also great if you want to serve them lemonade or another cold drink.

Garden furniture can work well if you have a little balcony area with lovely patio awnings like the ones you can find on Nationwide Ltd, as it can protect everything under it from rain and extreme sunlight. It also provides cooling shade, which is great when it gets a little too hot to play outside.

Keeping the kids entertained right now may be a challenge, but once summer comes along, you can leave them to roam around the garden, playing their favourite sports or building a sandcastle. I found some more great ideas on this page on how to keep kids occupied once the sun comes out more often.It will give me plenty of food for thought when the weather improves!

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  1. We're hoping to get some sun this year in the garden, so that Eddie can play in his sandpit.


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