Friday, 15 February 2013

Lara as a Pair of Shoes?!

I was recently asked to choose a pair of shoes from the website of Charles Clinkard, the family footwear company, which represented Lara's personality.  As e-mails go it was a bit of an odd one, but once I clicked through and had a browse of their fantastic shoe range, one pair leapt out at me.

To identify your child with a pair of shoes may be a leap, but the thing with this pair of DCs which I have chosen is that they are VERY Lara!

First of all they are shiny and sparkly, just like her personality - most of the time anyway!  Then they have beautiful bright sunny colours, which remind me of her blonde, blue-eyed smile laughing in the sunshine.  And the blue laces are reminiscent of her occasional foul moods, complete with teenage pouting, foot-stamping, door-slamming and "Just go Mummy, I don't want to talk to you!" outbursts.  Ah the joys of being two!!

But most of all, the clean lines and fresh, bright look reminds me of how open she is, how willing she is to try anything, to go anywhere, to talk to anyone, and to explore all of life's wonders.  That's why I've chosen the DC Shoes Rebound Hi Infant Girls Lace Up Trainers for my wild, crazy, funny, beautiful girl.

Which would you choose to represent your child's personality?

Charles Clinkard are a family footwear company of some 85 years standing, and have a huge range of big name brands, head over to their website for a browse today.

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