Sunday, 3 February 2013

Last Minute Holidays

We recently sat down with Lara to map out our plans for the year, including day and weekend trips, holidays, things to achieve, places and people to visit etc.  As well as some outlandish requests from the small one - not sure we'll make it to Peru this year, and how has a 2 year old even heard of Peru anyway?!

France seems a bit more achievable (Lara's other request), but we will have to see how Steve's work pans out, in terms of time off, and if the budget allows.  We do have some other trips already booked and planned, but leaving the main holiday to the last minute has served us well in the past, and with sites like LateDeals, you can get up to 70% off!  They have some great offers on their Facebook page.

We would dearly love to take the girls to Santorini, where Steve and I had our first holiday together, and where Steve proposed.  It's such a beautiful island, and all that gorgeous sunshine, balmy evenings, and delicious fresh food seems like the perfect idea right now in the depths of British winter!  Indeed, any of the Greek islands would suffice, or the Canaries, or Portugal, or well, anywhere sunny would do!  Anyone get the impression I'm hankering after a holiday?!

What kind of holiday planner are you?  Do you go for the early booking discounts six months or a year in advance, or do you hold out till the last minute to get the best latedeals?  What are your holiday plans for this year?


  1. we like to thing we plan early to get the best deals!

    1. True, but some of those last minute bargains are amazing! Enjoy your holidays this year, Anne.

  2. I'd love to go somewhere sunny but currently we are planning to holiday in the UK

  3. Maybe she heard about Peru from Paddington Bear! That is where he is from. :D

  4. I've always wanted to plan something at the last minute, but actually I always book ages in ahead so I can plan every little detail and get all excited about it! I'm too much of a planner!


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