Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mission Declutter!

I had a meltdown to rival the two year old last night!  Yep, full blown, shouting, throwing things, ranting and raving.  And cause of my discontent?  The state of our flat!!!  In the space of less than two weeks, without me at the helm, it had gone from neat and tidy to Armageddon!!

At the end of last year we resigned ourselves to the fact that we are unlikely to get a council house any time soon (another blog post), and have no other prospect of moving (£14K income + bigger mortgage just don't go!!)  That's OK though, our flat is pretty big, effectively the equivalent of the downstairs of a 2 or 3 bedroom house, with a big bedroom tacked on the side.

The worst part is that we would dearly love a garden for the girls (and cats!) to play in, but I'm sure it will come to fruition soon.  And of course, a second bedroom to dump all the junk in would be great!!

However, we are on a mission to make the best of the space we do have, so we have split our 17' sitting room into a sitting room half and a playroom half, bought extra storage, and generally embarked on a sorting out agenda.

One of the biggest things was getting rid of all the clutter, and believe me that one is on-going!  A car boot full of toys went to Lara's toddler group, there have been many trips to the charity shop, and best of all we have even made money from some of it!

And it was so easy!  We just signed up to the site, typed in the bar codes of the CDs, DVDs and games we were clearing out, then packed them up for a courier to collect.  In a matter of days the price they had quoted had been transferred into our bank account - ready cash for unwanted junk, and a great price too!

Our clear out and tidy up mission continues - as long as my brood don't wreck the place again in the meantime!  I'll have to get some before and after posts sorted out to show you soon!  (For the record, toddler tantrums do work to get things tidied up, although they might not be that attractive in a 40 year old!!)


  1. I'm starting my de-cluttering tomorrow as the time has come where I keep losing things lol! I make sure I have at least 3 big decluttering sessions a year.

  2. Many thanks, just sorted some DVDs to go to MusicMagpie and they're all packed up now to go to the local collection point. Thanks for pointing this service out.

  3. I have been banging a load of stuff on eBay! We have collected so much rubbish and we don't have the room, call me ruthless! Good luck! Xx

  4. I'm in serious need of a declutter.


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