Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My New Look Mummy Wish List

As part of our on-going decluttering and sorting out, I went through my wardrobe the other day.  Well that was quite a revelation!  There was a whole stash of 'going out' clothes from when I had an active social life; another set of 'I'm a profesional teacher' clothes; and even some fancy wedding-going dresses etc.  But what I realised is that I am now firmly in the majority of people who only wear 20% of what's in their wardrobe.

The trouble with that is that, since becoming a mum, my wardrobe choices are Jeans + Top + Seasonal shoe type + jumper/cardigan/jacket/coat according to the weather and temperature.  Yawn!  So I have resolved to jazz up my wardrobe as we go intto Spring and Summer, and have chosen a few items from New Look to start with.  How about this gorgeous cream tapestry print fabric, available as either a skater skirt or skater dress?  Perfect for any nice going out to be done!

Of course, if you're anything like me, the trouble is that being a busy mum means you do need practical, easy-to-wear, quick to wash and dry, and wear anywhere clothes.  After all, you spend most of your time lifting, carrying, getting grubby, and on the floor.  Not to mention getting covered with paint, snot, jam, vomit and glitter day in, day out!  But there's nothing to stop us swapping the regular jeans for some on-trend skinny jeans, especially when they come in gorgeous colours like this:

Or maybe trade the regulation cotton tops and cosy jumpers for something like these as the weather gets a bit warmer and the sun comes out:

And top of my current wish list are these fab, on-trend parkas, perfect transitional seasonal wear:

What do you think?  Does your wradrobe need a Spring/Summer makeover too?  What are you currently lusting after?

All clothes are available from New Look.


  1. I will be glad when the weather gets warmer so that I do not have to wear thick winter clothing. I am getting bored of wearing polar neck jumpers, jeans, socks,etc,etc!

  2. I'm liking those parkas but would have to customise them maybe add a bit of sparkle.


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