Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Review: Cheeky Wipes

Shockingly, you could spend over £250 on baby wipes, per child!!  Yep, £250 down the drain, well actually in landfill, which is even worse!  But there is an alternative, a nifty little idea called Cheeky Wipes.  Cheeky Wipes come as a complete kit with reusable wipes which are kind to your baby's skin, and help you to save money and the planet at the same time.  Everyone wins!

The reusable, washable wipes come in a complete kit, with containers for clean and for dirty wipes, essential oils for cleansing, and wet bags for when you're out and about.  Cheeky Wipes are at the forefront of a bottom cleaning revolution, helping you avoid harsh chemicals on your precious baby's skin, as well as saving you money, and helping you do your bit for the environment.

You may be wondering how easy washable, reusable wipes can be, how to deal with the yucky stuff quite frankly, well believe me, it's easy!  Just have a look at this short video which explains how it all works.

These fab wipes aren't just for cloth nappy users, you can use them with disposables, or even just for hands and faces.  Sometimes, if things are particularly explosive and spectacular, we do resort to disposable wipes, but always follow up with a washable wipe to clean any chemical residue off.  most of the time we just use Cheeky Wipes - to the extent that our occasional use packs of disposable wipes dry out!

Lara and Sophia both find them far more comfortable, and love the fresh smell of the essential oils, as well as how soft the cloths are on their skin.  We just pop the wipes in with our reusable nappy wash, and never seem to run out as they can be used again immediately aftre washing, no need to wait for them to dry, just refill your box and refresh the oils.

Each Baby Wipes Kit contains:

25 lovely soft cloth baby wipes - 15 cm x 15 cm

1 Fresh Wipes container

1 Mucky Wipes container with mesh bag insert

1 Fresh Wipes waterproof out and about travel bag

1 Mucky Wipes waterproof out and about travel bag with mesh bag insert

1 bottle of Lavender & Chamomile ‘Fresh Wipes' essential oil blend

1 bottle of Tea Tree & Tea tree lemon ‘Mucky Wipes' essential oil blend

Cheeky Wipes offers a natural, eco-friendly baby wipes solution over the disposable wipes offered in today's marketplace. And it's better for your pocket too!

Getting Started

Fill your fresh wipes container with 2cm of water and a few drops of the fresh Wipes essential oil blend. Then pop your lovely soft wipes into the fresh wipes container, and hey presto they're ready to use!

Next, prepare your mucky wipes container with around 5cm of water and a few drops of the mucky Wipes essential oil blend to keep those mucky wipes sweet.

Once you've used the wipes, place them inside the clever mesh bag in the mucky wipes container. This saves you having to touch those mucky things again.

No extra washing…or drying required!

Your mesh bag of mucky wipes can go straight into the washing machine (40 degree wash is fine) with your next load of washing (just loosen the drawstring on the bag) – your wipes come out spankingly clean. Once a week, wash your wipes at 60 degrees with your bedding or towels, to keep them bug free.

If you need wipes quickly, just pop your clean wipes back into the fresh wipes container with some fresh water and essential oil solution and you can re-use immediately. Otherwise, just dry them on the washing line or in the dryer.

Travelling or just popping out for a play date?

Just pop some clean damp wipes in your waterproof fresh wipes bag and off you go!

Drop the mucky wipes in the mesh insert in the mucky wipes bag.

Back home, throw them in the washer with a normal load. Could it get any easier? Cloth Baby Wipes that are Environment Friendly - do your bit for the planet - less landfill.

Soft Baby Wipes that are Gentle on your baby's bottom - no harsh chemicals, just fragrant essential oils.

Hassle Free Baby Wipes All-In-One Kit - convenient and no extra loads of washing

We absolutely LOVE our Cheeky Wipes, use them every day, on two children, and wouldn't be without them.  At just £39.99 for the whole kit, they are amazing value for money, and they will definitely last for two or more children, thus saving you approximately £450!!!!  Highly recommended.

I'm ashamed to say we were sent our Cheeky Wipes kit AGES ago and I quite thought I had published my review already, but found it lurking in my Draft posts, so my apologies!!

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