Friday, 8 February 2013

Review: Just4Bums Nappies

We recently tried the Just4Bums disposable nappies from Kiddicare and were really impressed.  They are a really great value buy, in conveniently sized boxes.  And, more importantly, they work!

Lara shows no sign of being ready to go without nappies yet, and we have no intention of forcing the issue or 'training' her, she'll do it when she's good and ready.  but she drinks, and wees, so much water, that washable nappies just don't cut it any more, so she is in 'sposies full-time, and, being petite, wears a size 4.  Some brands, especially at night, have failed us, but Just4Bums was fine for a full 12 hours, and with absolutely no sign of redness, which Lara is prone to with the more chemical-heavy brands.

Sophia wears washable nappies during the day, and a 'sposie at night, or when we go out for the day, and the size 4 fitted her snugly with no leaks too.  The tabs were really secure and not at all fiddly, and again there was no redness or sign of irritation - and no yucky chemical smell!  Plus they stayed in place all day and night, through crawling, wriggling, floor spinning, and everything else our active baby could put them through!  The special double leg cuff certainly helped there, with no sign of a leak.

Just4bums Nappies provide a great fit and absorbency, plus they are not bulky so look great under clothes.  They are made by The Happy Nappy Co., and are available exclusively at Just4bums Nappies are an amazing brand new range of great fitting and great looking nappies brought to you by The Happy Nappy Co. exclusively at Kiddicare.

Being staffed by parents, and always having parents' needs in mind, Kiddicare understands the need to be able to buy nappies in bulk in a quick and easy way, and have enough available so those oops! no more nappies situations don't occur.

Just4bums are available in 5 different sizes suitable for little ones of all ages: Mini, Midi, Maxi, Maxi + & Junior (see the size guide for weight references).  They are Hypoallergenic, super soft, dry and ultra absorbent - as water-guzzling Lara proved! - and provide a really flexible fit.

Innovatively, they are also sold in monthly boxes, which have been carefully calculated to meet your baby's nappy changing needs for a whole month's worth of changes at a time.  Of course, this varies from baby to baby, but the idea of a monthly box is such a great idea!

I also love the guarantee that they will refund any unopened pack of nappies when baby goes up a size.  I'm not sure any other retailer does that!

Just4Bums nappies, in all sizes, have the following features:

Hypoallergenic - Perfect for all little bums

Soft & Dry - Ultra Absorbent for even the heaviest of wetters

Protects - Day & Night protection, peace of mind for you

Flexible Fit - Nappies for active babies keeps everything locked until your next change

Double Leg Cuffs (excluding Mini) - Extra security for on the move babies

Soft Lining - Wonderfully super soft lining for maximum comfort

Ultra Absorbent - The thin absorbent core system helps to keep fluids away from baby's skin permanently

Just4Bums are available exclusively at Kiddicare at £19.99 for a full month's supply.


  1. I love these nappies we started using them a year ago when we had 2 in nappies. Before used pampers baby dry as found these the best. Decided to try these to save money and they are the best nappies would highly reccomend them

  2. I was lucky enough to win 6 months supply, and they were fantastic. My youngest decided he was going to potty train after 3 months, and I ended up giving away 2 full packs - now they're the only thing she uses too :)


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