Review: Personalised Champagne

What a delightful idea!  A bottle of yummy Champagne which you can personalise with your own message for someone special.  Ideal for Mother's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, indeed any special occasion.  The message is engraved on a lovely pewter label, and looks really lovely, especially with the embossed curlicue decoration on the label.  Very Medieval!

Receiving an e-mail a couple of weeks ago asking if we'd like to try some, it did not take long to formulate an answer.  Yes, please!

I really like the idea of Personalised Champagne as a gift and there are a range of different options available, from pewter or gold labels to pink ones, or designs using your own logo or photo.  (I know I would certainly look favourably on a company that used Champagne as its corporate gifts!). The message can contain up to 50 characters, so more than enough to tell your mum how wonderful she is!

With fast delivery, great service and a range of personalisation options, this is an ideal gift.  As for the Champagne itself, it is a light, non-vintage blend, which would be perfect with afternoon tea, or as a pre-lunch aperitif.

Champagne afternoon tea is always high on my Mummy wish list, and this really would be the perfect Champagne to have with those delicate little sandwiches and pastries.  With hints of pineapple and peach, this is a very bubbly glass of fizz with floral aromas and sweet biscuit tones.  We drink quite a lot of Chapmpagne - any excuse! - but find a lot are quite heavy, so suited to  evening or pre-dinner tipples only.  By contrast, this is a dry Champagne, but very light and easily drinkable - the perfect gift and celebration fizz!

GiftsOnline4U have a wide range of Champagne Gifts, including branded Champagne, gift sets which include a pair of flutes, lovely engraved Champagne flutes, even a Magnum of yummy fizz with personalised label!  All would make lovely gifts for Mother's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and more!

If Champagne isn't your, or your recipient's thing, then you can also order wine, port, whisky, vodka and even Sambuca with the same lovely personalissed labels.  You can even buy the personalised pewter label separately to add to your own bottle.  It's such a lovely idea!

How about buying one as an unusual and special wedding or engagement gift?  The bottle would make such a lovely keepsake.  We even had a go at soaking the label off our bottle, in the interests of research, and after a long soak it worked!  Great addition to a scrapbook or photo album for a special occasion.

Order your special gift for Mum - or someone else - today!

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  1. What a nice idea. One I'm sure many would appreciate, me being one of them.

    Rachel Craig


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