Monday, 18 February 2013

Review: Tree Fu Tom DVD - Vol. 2 Tree Fu Magic

Lara is a MASSIVE Tree Fu Tom fan, and has been totally obsessed witth Tom and his magical world since she saw the very first CBeebies trailer a long, long, time ago!  I have blogged before at how distraught she was when the series ended on television and disappeared off iPlayer, and then her joy when the first DVD came out.  Well now there is volume 2: Tree Fu Tom - Tree Fu Magic - With free sticker sheet inside [DVD]

Released today, this fantastic new DVD has been playing on a loop ever since it arrived.  Feaaturing the vocal talents of two Doctor Who alumni, David Tennant and Sophie Aldred, this CGI-animated show follows the adventures of Tom Powers, an 8 year old boy who has made an amazing discovery in his garden - the magical world of Treetopolis.

Tom is able to miniaturise himself and enter this fantastic world, where he teams up with his friends Squirmtum, a woodlouse, Twigs (Tennant), an acorn sprite, Ariela, a butterfly, and Zigzoo, a tree frog.  In this world movement creates 'big world magic' and viewers are invited to join in with Tom's moves to help him and his friends overcome adversity.  These movement sequences and instructions are deisgned to help with children's co-ordination and are sanctioned by The Dyspraxia Foundation.  Being dyspraxic myself, this is most welcome!

This second collection of episodes from the BAFTA-nominated series comprises:

  • With Friends Like These
  • Buzzworthy
  • Winging It
  • Crytsal Catastrophe
  • Fungua Among Us
  • Big Ranch Rodeo

The emphasis in all the episodes is on friendship, working together and overcoming adversity through co-operation and perseverance, all fantastic messages for children of all ages.  The stories are so well written that there is no twee moral message, but the emphasis is always on these qualities.  With great scripts, well fleshed out characters, and first class animation, this is a programme which appeals to children (and adults!) of all ages.  Lara, aged 1 and now 2, nearly 3, regularly settles down to watch it with her 8 year old cousin, both equally enthralled by the stories.

The new Tree Fu Tom - Tree Fu Magic - With free sticker sheet inside [DVD] is released today, and comes complete with a special sticker sheet.  A wide range of Tree Fu Tom toys and books have been released too, and are available in Tesco, Smyths Toys and Sainsburys, or online at Amazon and The Entertainer.

Also, look out for the Tree Fu Tom Twitter party tomorrow, where you will have the opportunity to win some great toys, just follow the hashtag #treefutomtoys between 4-6pm on Tuesday 19th February.

If you can't wait, here are a selection of Tree Fu Tom books, toys and DVDs available.  Click through to Amazon for the full range.


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