Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Excitement of 'Snail Mail'

In these days of e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, it is relatively rare to receive a handwritten letter, but what a joy it is!  I had one yesterday, and it put a smile on my face all day.

The same goes for greeetings cards, a flop as one comes through the letter box is so much nicer than the ping of an e-card into your inbox!  Although I must admit my guilt at sending e-cards at midnight for suddenly remembered birthdays, and the year I had a fractured wrist everyone got an e-greeting rather than a hand-written Christmas card.  But I do try to remember how much I enjoy receiving post, so get things off to friends and family when I can.

One of the joys of blogging, and comping, is that most days brings some excitement through the post.  Today we had a wonderful photo canvas, a gorgeous-looking bottle of Champagne, a copy of new DVD The Sapphires and a beautiful book for Lara.  Going to keep me busy on the reviewing front, but what treats!

The only problem with all these lovely deliveries, and I know it's a nice problem to have, really I do!, is when we're out.  There are so many different courier and delivery firms out there and most are just fine, but if you miss their deliveries it can be a real nightmare!  I don't know if it's just where we live, but all the pick-up centres are 40-odd miles away, so another delivery day has to be arranged, and then, as they can't specifiy a delivery time, it can only be for a day you're home all day, so what should have been delivered today ends up being brought a week later or something.

Thank goodness for Parcelforce, who always seem to be the most efficient service, and have the friendliest staff!  But best of all, if we're out, they just leave the parcel at the post office round the corner for us to collect at our leisure.  No re-arranging, no waiting in, and lovely goodies through the posst - bliss!

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  1. Hey hunny lovely post! I love getting post through the door as it might be something special check out my blog post here and you might get a little something in the post!


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