Welcome Home Birdies

My kids and I love animals. Watching and playing with animals is a great way to connect with the world around us and is a way to teach our children about the wider world, seasons, kindness and a lot of other traits.

So when I was looking at some kids clothes on Polarn O. Pyret recently and found this pdf on how to make a bird house I was thrilled.

In case you’re not aware, Polarn O. Pyret stock gorgeous designer childrens clothes that I (and my kids) love.

The bird house looked much simpler to do than I’d imagined and the kids were allowed to paint it however they wanted, which made them all the more excited to put it in our garden the next day.

Here’s how to make one yourself too:

• Get a long wooden board, about 15cm wide and 20mm thick. Cut while the kids are taking a nap according the instructions on the Polarn O. Pyret website.

• Put the boards together like the drawing. Once all the boards are cut it’s a lot easier to see how the bird house will work, it’s a lot like putting a jigsaw together, but with adult tools!

• Once the bird house is assembled show it to your very excited children and get them to paint it up. (Acrylic paints work best outside, but make sure your surfaces and children are well protected, it will stain clothes!)

• Wait 24 hours for the paint to dry then nail into your tree. Choose one that the kids will be able to see from inside the house, and then just wait for it to get its first lodger.

I can’t wait for a bird to make its nest inside.

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  1. I love the birds and we have a couple of bird houses that need replacing now - I think I will be passing these instructions on to the FIL :)

  2. There's nothing I enjoy better than bird watching with Sophie, she ask the most cutiest questions, sometimes I have to blag them though until I can get on google lol!


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