5 Great Springtime Looks for Busy Mums

You don’t always have time to follow trends, but when they’re this easy, it’s hard not to. Leopard print heels and lace-up boots may not be in your fashion forecast as a busy mum, but these looks are so feasible to put together and wear that you won’t even have to think about them. Want to look chic as you navigate a chaotic lifestyle that include kids, work and everything in between? Here are the essential pieces you should get this spring.

Go two-toned. One of the easiest, most sophisticated looks that busy mums can relish this season is the monochrome trend. It only consists of wearing separates from the same colour family, making it a win-win for everyone. No longer do you have to spend time finding the perfect print or fretting over matching from head to toe. Just find two shades that you really enjoy and couple them up for a breezy spring style essential.

Less subtle florals. We’re all accustomed to the flower prints on blouses and bottoms that remind us of our grandmother’s sofa. But florals in fashion have taken a sophisticated turn this spring. Look for prints that are less homey and more modern. A smart silhouette also makes this trend more wearable than your standard Easter dress. This gorgeous skirt from Temperley London is a great example of how to pull it off.

Crazy prints. Those animal prints and kaleidoscope patterns aren’t just meant for your little ones anymore. Prints have always been a way to make a bold style statement, but now they are getting even riskier. Try on a whimsical animal print--not just imitation leopard or cheetah but an actual print of an animal, or big florals--on your blouse. Match it with solid trousers and a bright lip colour, and you’ll be instantly chic.

Masculine shapes. If you feel most comfortable in clothing that isn’t fitted, this season’s androgynous looks are perfect for you. Pants suits are roomier and boyfriend jeans are back, meaning that you can look flirtatiously feminine, even though you may choose to wear clothing inspired by men’s fashion. Try on a pair of trousers that hug your wait but fit loosely throughout the leg. The key to not looking too manly is to femme it up with a dainty top, perhaps with lace or sheer cutouts.

Shiny objects. This isn’t just a reference to your silver, gold or platinum jewelry. Get disco chic this spring with iridescent and metallic materials for your clothing, as well. And you don’t even have to wait for the sun to set for this style to be appropriate. This Silver Pegasus Jacquard Dress is the perfect example of how to shine up your ensemble without being mistaken for a party girl.

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