Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter at Aldi

When Aldi got in touch and asked if we would like to review their Easter eggs, we jumped at the chance.  Our nearest store is quite a drive away and we don't often shop there, so we were intrigued to see what their chocolate would be like.

We were sent the milk chocolate Choceur bunny at just 99p (a dark chocolate version is also available); the 350g Milk Chocolate Flame Egg at £2.99; and the 249g Moser Roth egg at £3.99.  A great cross section of what Aldi has on offer this Easter, for chocolate lovers of all ages and preferences.

The Choceur bunny comes complete with rather handsome blue ribbon and gold tag, which Lara has quickly requisitioned as a sash for her Barbies!  The chocolate it is made form is good Belgian-sstyle chocolate, very creamy and vanilla-y tasting - yummy!

The milk chocolate Flame Egg is beautifully presented, being two halves of thick chocolate egg wrapped in gold foil, and then luxuriously enveloped in gold crinkly film with an extravagant flourish at the top, the 'flame'.  There was a certain amount of excited awe as we unwrapped this one, a realt delight to find out what was inside!  The girls absolutely loved the chocolate of this egg too, and it is very similar to Lindt chocolate, very creamy and luscious.

There were lots of lovely chocolates inside too, including nougaty ones and marzipan ones, which Steve and I very quickly snaffled!  Although personally, I found the chocolate a little too sweet.  That certainyl didn't seem to occur to anyone else though!

Instead, my favourite was the Moser Roth egg, a beautiful thick, shiny chocolate egg with a high cocoa content and some delicious chocolates alongside it.  This chocolate is absolutely delicious, and the accompanying chocolates would certainly give Thorntons a run for their money.  In fact, they come as a box of Moser Roth chocolates too, I know what I will be looking out for next time we go to Aldi!

We were all really impressed with the selection of Aldi Easter chocolate we received, and will certainly be keen to see what other delights they have in store next time we visit - just as long as there'e room in the trolley for a box of those Moser Roth choccolates for me...

All products are in store now.

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