Easter Chocolate at Asda

Now blogging, as you know, is a very tough job.  So tough in fact that we are subjected to untold horrors and discomforts, such as having to shop for and eat vast quantities of chocolate.  I kid you not, this is what happened to our family yesterday.  This is how bad life is for us.  Details of how you can help will follow.

For yesterday we, four ordinary people, were summoned to examine, purchase from and partake of the vast and rather gorgeous Easter range at Asda.  We bore our duty bravely, and set forth to the relatively new branch at Ferring (near Worthing).  They had certainly pulled out all the stops with a delightful Easter Bunny cottage in the lobby, complete with Bugs Bunny resident and hot cross bun door handle!

 Lara was delighted with the cottage and kept asking to go back to see it again whilst we were shopping.  Upon entering the store proper, we were confronted by a vast array of Easter confections, a brightly coloured Mecca for anyone under ten, in fact most people over ten too!  Lara's sharp intake of breath was audible.

I had had in mind buying some Easter cakes and bakery goodies with the voucher we had been given, but Lara was determined to spend the lot on chocolate!!  All of the branded and novelty eggs were at excellent prices, far better than I had seen in the other supermarkets, but we were more interested in the Asda own-brand items.

We spotted the Asda Easter Bunnies first, resplendent in gold foil and much bigger than the Lindt ones, plus they had the most adorable fluffy little tail stuck on!  Lara popped one of those in the trolley straight away, as well as a Lindt bunny, presumably for comparison!  Piggy-obsessed Lara wanted the Mummy and baby chocolate pig set too, and also grabbed a gorgeous green felt Easter basket to put her goodies in.  We offered Sophia the bright yellow and orange chick basket I had mentioned in my previous piece on Easter at Asda, which she was delighted with.

Sophia got very excited about the cute little set of three Little Lambs and tried to grab one off the shelf to give to sister to hold for her.  She also demanded the very cute little Yummy Bunny egg which came complete with furry bunny ears!

Foolishly I still had in mind a few fancy bakery purchases, that is until we turned the corner and the girls spotted these:

Just the biggest egg any of us had ever seen, and immediately met with wows and oohs and ahs from my trio of chocoholics, so one of those made its way into our trolley too!

In the end, we emerged with:

Easter Bunny, £2
Lindt bunny, £2
Mummy & Baby Oinks, £3
Yummy Bunny 'ears' egg, £2
Little Lambs, £3
2 Easter baskets, £3 each
Extra Special Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg, £10

And so home to conduct the next part of our vital mission: taste tests, but not before Lara had done her favourite part of any Asda visit!!

Here are the goodies Lara chose:

And Sophia's choices:

Mucch fun was had lifting the monster egg for the camera, and Lara speculated about whether it was the same size as a dinosaur egg!  I don't know, but it tastes darn good!!!  Part of Asda's partnership with Leith's, this is good, high quality chocolate, and at just £10 would make an impressive gift for a loved one.

 The girls were eager to begin the bunny comparison and taste test.  As I said, the Asda bunny is significantly bigger than the lindt one for the same price (just £2), and I think it wins on cute factor with an adorable face and that little fluffy tail.

The proof of the pudding choocolate is in the eating though, of course, so we knuckled down and tried them both.  The Lindt was the expected ultra-creamy and actually rather sickly sweet it usually is, I can only have a small piece myself, I find it a bit too much, and always need tea with it!  Whereas the Asda bunny had a nice snap, a slightly nutty, sttronger flavour.  It tastes as though the cocoa content is higher than the Lindt, more on the way to a darker chocolate.  The girls liked both, although Lara slightly preferred the Asda one and Sophia the Lindt.

After all that chocolate we expended some energy playing with the cute bunny ears from Sophia's little egg, although Lara refused to have her photo taken!

 We are really impressed with all of the items we bought, and have now had a nibble on everything!!  Good quality chocolate at a great price.  I think the cutest choccy items are the Little Lambs and the gold bunny, but the Yummy Bunny 'ears' egg would go down very well with any one or two year olds you know, we can hardly get them off Sophia!!

We are all absolutely delighted with the cute felt baskets and will be using those for our egg hunt next weekend, and for many years to come.

Thanks Asda for inviting us on such a difficult challenge, we hope we rose to it admirably!! ;-)

All items are in store now.

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