Saturday, 16 March 2013

Easter Crafts & Fun at Asda

Just two weeks till Easter, what do you have planned?  I'm sure almost everyone with children under 12 is planning an Easter egg hunt, and a lot of you will be thinking about making Easter cards and crafts with the little ones too.  Have you seen the brilliant range in Asda this year?

They have everything from kits to make your own Easter basket to bunny ears, and all at great prices too.  We will be telling you what the girls' favourite items are next week - hopefully not just chocolate!! - but here are some ideas to pick up before they go!

I LOVE these bunny ears!  Unfortunately, Sophia has got to the point where she gets annoyed with being dressed up and she can take stuff off, but there's no harm in me getting some mega cute pictures when she's asleep, is there now?

If your smalls aren't up to making their own Easter baskets yet, how about setting them off on their hunt with this ready-made version?  Lara will be keen to make her own using the kit pictured above, but we definitely need one of these for Sophia!!  (That's my excuse anyway!)

Easter cards and crafts made easy with these handy packs which contain everything you need to decorate eggs and cards.  No desperately running round shops in search of yellow pipie cleaners required!  And grannies and godfparents will love the end results.

If you are looking for a non-chocolatey gift, you won't go far wrong with this cute bunny mug, filled with shiny foil wrapped eggs this would be perfect for anyone, young or old.

If your little ones aren't quite at the craft stage, or as an extra gift along with the ubiquitous chocolate, this cute colouring set will go down a treat!  Perfect occupier for when you want to spend some time getting lunch or afternoon tea ready too.  This will appeal to Lara, but her 8 year old cousin would like it as well for all the intricate patterns to colour in.  Plus it's a jigsaw, so you get to play with it after too!

And finally, to add that special touch to your Easter egg hunt, some trail markers and bunny ears.  Perfect!

All products are available from Asda.

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  1. Nice craft gifts etc for Easter, and now Asda will have their Christmas items in store. Will have a look to see what they have for the children.

    Rachel Craig


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