Easter Preparations

Time March-es on!  How on Earth did we get to March already?!  It's time to stop ignoring the Easter eggs that have been in the shops since New Year's Day, and time to start planning exactly what you're going to do to celebrate the long weekend, not to mention how you're going to occupy the smalls during two weeks of holiday.  Yep, just four weeks to go till Easter folks!

Whether it's finding a big Easter egg hunt to go on, such as those organised by the National Trust, or finding lots of Easter Chocolates & Treats to organise one at home, chocolate eggs are obviously going to feature!  The trouble is there are so many different offers around at the supermarkets that it can be difficult to decide which is the best value for your money.

An online shopping and price comparison site, can really help as it features all the deals and products from the top 5 online supermarkets in the UK.  It’s a great place to find the best supermarket deals and will definitely help you save money on your Easter purchases.

Have a look at this Easter Offers page to find all the latest best offers on all things Easter, from eggs to cakes to yummy Lindt bunnies.  And you're guaranteed to find the best deals available.  All the more excuse to buy more yummy Easter treats!!

After decorating eggs, arranging vases of beautifully scented spring flowers, and making Easter bonnets and baskets, the scene is set for a day of celebrations and family fun.  Although most don't attend church, Easter remains a ficture on our secular calendar, especially with school holidays still - usually - focussed around the big weekend.

For many people, Easter lunch is almost as big a deal as Christmas lunch, with lamb and all the trimmings.  In our house, the most important meal of the day is a proper afternoon tea - sandwiches, hot cross buns, spiced biscuits, scones, cakes, Simnel cake, the works!  What about you, is it lunch or Easter Bakery treats for tea?


  1. Afternoon tea sounds a great idea - we might try that this year!

  2. We go through a lot of Lindt bunnies already. :)


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