Sunday, 17 March 2013

Pimp Your Ride: How to Decorate Your Scooter

Scooters have certainly hit the big time in recent years.  They looked initially like being a phase, but they are now big news with children, tweens, teens and even adults.  Walk down any street, or more importantly pass through any park, or parade along any sea front, and you will see scooters of all shapes and sizes.  However, one name remains the creme de la creme of scooter-world: Microscooters.

These scooters are fantastic, and better still they come with the most enormous array of accessories you can add which make your scooter totally unique.  Just have a look at all the accessories available, from Scoobits to Zooters, and much, much more.

Now, before you panic, I had absolutely no idea what these words meant either, before I became mother to a scooter own that is!  I am now familiar with a whole new world, and can reliably inform you that Scoobits are little faces which attach to the front bar of your scooter, and Zooters are entire sleeves which fit over the bar with cute faces like zany cuddly toys.  See above!

But there are also Wheel Whizzers, Hobby Headz and Ribbons, not to mention a wide array of conventional things like bells and bottle holders!

Believe me, it is enough of a challenge to think of how to begin with the shopping aspect of scooter-pimping, let alone the fitting of all these glorious decorations!  Thankfully, the lovely people at MicroScooters realised this, and they have produced a brilliant series of videos which show you how to attach any of these amazing bits and bobs to your child's scooter.  Result!

So next time you are befuddled by a frog light, or baffled by a bedazzle, head over to the Microscooters website to watch the videos, your 3-wheeled transport will be pimped and ready to go in a jiffy!

And don't forget, you can win a Micro Rucksack & Lunchbox in our current giveaway!

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