Friday, 15 March 2013

Red Nose Day

Unless you have been living under the proverbial rock, you will know that today is Red Nose Day.  And if your Facebook and Twitter feeds are anything like mine, they are awash with photos of anyone and everyone with their nozzle encased in bright red foam, not to mention a hundred photos of red cupcakes, zany costumes, and assorted crayzee charity stunts.

Way back in 1985, Four Weddings creator Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry got together with assorted comedy mates to found Comic Relief, and put on the very first Red Nose Day.  Designed as the comedians' answer to the recent fundraising efforts of Band Aid, Live Aid and the like, I remember it as a slightly amateurish affair, which more than made up for in enthusiasm what it lacked in finesse.  But, that was 28 years ago?!  Really?!  Wow, that makes me feel slightly ancient!

In the past 28 years, Comic Relief has raised an incredible amount of money, according to 2011 figures, over £620m!  Love it or hate it, that's an amazing amount of money for charities at home and overseas.

Although the line up changes every year, as do the stunts, there are some regular events we have come to expect from the biennial event.  For example, a bunch of supposedly serious TV newsreaders will be brought on to do a dance or otheriwse send themselves up; Jonathan Ross will make some slightly dubious references to someone's personal life; some wag will appear in a bathtub full of food (baked beans are so last year don't you know!); and there will invaariably be some sort of technical hitch, where they will hand over to Cardiff only to see Edinburgh Castle in the background, or worse Alan Partridge or someone will step on a cable and blow up a plug, something like that anyway!

If you are already gearing up for the succesion of regular events, and more gems like Jessie J doing something annoying (i.e. just by being there) or Lenny Henry making a non-funny joke, then why not plaay along using this bingo card from Ladbrokes Bingo.  You could even turn it into a drinking game, but of course, if anyone asks, I didn't say that!  Great way to get involved though - oh, and make sure you donate some money too!  I'm watching you!!

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